Reviewed by Josh Abraham

After two years, Craig David’s music finally gallops back into our ears with his new album ‘The Time Is Now’ and it’s been worth the wait?


Within this fifteen-track album some high-profile artists/bands are featured such as Bastille, Chase & Status, JP Cooper, GoldLink and AJ Tracey.  The collaboration with these talented artists allows for Craig David to bring out his finest vocals in tracks on his own.  Tracks like “Focus” and “Talk To Me” are two completely different types of tracks like “Focus” with constant beats to get your feet tapping away whilst “Talk To Me” starts off with a single guitar chord sequence and a captivating R&B beat providing the right feel for David’s vocals making you want more from this track and it definitely doesn’t disappoint.


“Get Involved” which features JP Cooper delivers a smooth, but different sound where JP Cooper is able to shine over some interesting beats.  Cooper’s and David’s vocals blend together perfectly for a track that should be constantly played.  Lyrics such as “I’ll struggle no longer” show that this is more than a track with a beat over, the lyrics have meaning, and this is exactly why Craig David needs to make more tracks than he already does.


Throughout the album there are elements of current trends such as him writing a track called “For The Gram” which is where David sings about people doing simple things just to look good on Instagram and although the beat isn’t that attractive, the lyrics do provide humour and isn’t a bad track to put in the halfway point of the album.


What this album does well is have one track where you’ll find in a club within two seconds, but then the track that follows is something that’ll be on repeat for hours on end and will never leave any playlist.  Whether Craig David is a lead artist on a collaborated track or blasting out his vocals on his own track, he never disappoints and that is what makes this album special.  What this album does is provide listeners with tracks that make you want to dance one minute and the next minute make you get real about someone or yourself so because of this, some simple guitar chords can deliver the perfect album for you to get involved.