Photos: DJs CSAAR, Tomáš Moravec, Human Salam & Natalia Data

Photos from our DJ showcase evening Electricity #4 at Mettricks Guildhall with CSAARTomáš Moravec and Human Salam from BA (Hons) Digital MusicNatalia DataWe were also lucky to get a surprise set from our Digital Music tutor .


Photos by Anete Hiie

CSAAR is an electronic artist who DJs experimental and future beats and does electronic solo sets.


Tomáš Moravec
A Czech producer who likes to explore soulful soundscapes of the autonomic and minimal flavours of drum and bass, drawing inspiration from soul and funk. 

Human Salam
Salam draws his inspiration from within, channelling melodies like a shaman channels messages. He combines this ability with advanced technical skills gathered through years of professional electronic music composition, birthing tracks that are both danceable and transcendent.