Introducing to Southampton, Dev Gajan

With roots in pop-punk and metal (with a deep love for pluggnb ,hyperpop and cloudrap) Virginia based rapper Dev Gajan forges a sound of his own. His work frequently features genre-blended flavours evoking nostalgia, a sense of modernity and avant-garde tendencies at the same time.

I feel like I make music for all types of emotions and situations, I compile all my feelings and influences into what you hear and see from me

Dev Gajan

Gajan recently linked up with iconic Emo Trap producer Bighead on the track Somethings Never Change off his most recent album Hummingbird. Gajan goes back to his Emo Trap roots and delivers some cold visuals to go alongside the song in his music video.

Adding to a vibrant music scene in Gajan’s home state and with multiple tours across America, his live performances are elevated by his band Alchemy– which plays re-imagined instrumentations of his music and gives fans a unique experience which he looks to bring to the UK and Europe, starting with shows in Southampton Summer 2024

The people I want to get the most out of every show I do is the audience

Dev Gajan

Pictures by @DevGajan on Instagram

With features from artists such as Lil Tracy, Summrs and Caspr alongside 6,000+ followers on Instagram, 10,000+ monthly listeners and over 600,000 streams on Spotify to go with his multiple tours and shows all over America, it is safe to say that Gajan is a well established artist who is continuing to rise.

Listen to some of Dev Gajan’s most popular tracks below so you can tell your friend’s you knew him before he was mainstream.