Words by Jack Pinkney

After moving to Southampton to attend Solent University on a Music Management course, I was desperate to attend some local gigs. When the opportunity arose to go to the gig of a lad named Josh Savage, I jumped at the opportunity. Especially when the venue is The Joiners, a local venue that has staged bands from The 1975 to Ed Sheeran, Klaxons to The Vaccines… it’s one of the most iconic local venues of modern history in Britain and one that I was desperate to visit ASAP.

After finishing off the chips that Josh couldn’t finish off when he offered them around before going on stage, I got an understanding of what this gig would be like; a relaxed, laid-back show where there’s no barrier between audience and artist. I was right.

Playing on the renowned stage on his own, Josh exposed a sort of vulnerability in his creative storytelling abilities, his smooth, transcendent voice and equally-as-beautiful guitar playing. He allowed the audience to feel a personal connection with him and a feel for what it was like to be in his shoes, share his adventures and experience a feeling that we were in the presence of something special.

Credit – Josh Savage (Instagram)

Throughout the night, Josh was encouraging us, the audience, to sing along to parts of several songs, making it even more memorable, even more enjoyable and even more special.

To round off the night, he jumped down from the stage, told us the backing vocals he wanted us to sing, stood in the middle of us and sang, keeping the connection with us that lots of artists, big or small, don’t give to the crowd.

So I’d say, to conclude, if you’re looking for a funny, relaxed artist to go and see (who also has a great voice to go with it) then the name you should be searching is Josh Savage.