Popular music journalism students make their mark

This summer was an amazing adventure for the students on Popular Music Journalism. From working with acts like Pete Doherty, The Rolling Stones and Canadian touring bands, to being professionals in Ibiza and Glastonbury.

Ruby Munslow

Ruby thought her summer couldn’t get any better when she started the break working as assistant tour manager for Pete Doherty, until she landed a placement working for Ibiza Spotlight magazine.

“After interviewing The Libertines in Bournemouth, I was lucky enough to be asked to be assistant tour manager for his solo tour for what was probably the best ten days of my life. Safe to say travelling the country on a tour bus with the likes of Jack Jones, Pete Doherty and Carl Barat was interesting to say the least. We soon became like family with the travelling band and his fans.”

Ruby with the Kaiser Chiefs in Ibiza

“Shortly after touring I was lucky enough to be picked for an internship in Ibiza, writing for long established publication Ibiza Spotlight. I left for the white island a day after the tour and I’m still here as I write this! This experience is something completely different from touring. My job out here is to go along to club nights such as Circoloco and Cocoon at Amnesia and review in detail, as well as write features, interviews and news pieces.

“It’s hard to put into words what I’ve learnt but it’s like starting university all over again. I’ve met some of the most incredible people in the world and working for a serious publication has tested my limits and improved my writing more than I could ever imagine. Writing about something I love is easier and seeing reactions online is even better, although it’s hard writing about a 14 hour rave you’ve been to.

“Ibiza is now my second home and I’m sure I’ll be back out next year. I’ve learnt an incredible amount this season and feel ready to conquer third year … I hope!”

Ruby’s story is only one of many more featuring The Rolling Stones, VICE, Glastonbury, Uncut amongs others. Full story: Popular music journalism students make their mark | Blog | Southampton Solent University