Solent Music graduate fair 2015

On Wednesday 29th April, final year Music Promotion and Popular Music Journalism organised and delivered the first Solent Music Graduate Fair. This was the opportunity for the students to showcase their fantastic collaborative project work to a variety of other students, staff and the general public.

The collaborative project gave the students the chance to work with local businesses and even establish their own businesses including PR and marketing companies, a live streaming service, music and art magazines and live music promotions companies.
This project also gave the students the opportunity to enhance various skills including their creativity, business and employability skills.

Owner of local venue The 1865, Paul Hooper, says: “It would be an absolute pleasure to work with the students again in any capacity. Through this project, they have shown their determination and professionalism.”

The first event of its kind, here at Solent Music we hope for the fair to become an annual event.

Course leaders Professor Martin James and Dr Chris Anderton say: “We are always overwhelmed by the passion and creativity of Solent music students, and today proved their professionalism and excellence not only in their work, but to the local business and artist community as a whole.”

Below you can view more of the student’s work!

Audio Addict
Radio Addict
Aureus PR 
The 1865
Noise Cannon
Kode TV
SMILE official programme and website
Collective Promotions
Lost Cause Promotions
True Sounds Promotions
Kaleidoscope Sessions
Midnight Pumpkin Promotions
LoveMySounds PR
Paragon PR
Pulp magazine