The Paper Trains

Established in 2011, The Paper Trains are a modern three-piece string band, with a distinctive repertoire of self-penned Americana tracks. Their music combines harmony-enriched vocals, strident guitar laced with incisive licks, demon banjo picking, truck stop honky-tonk piano, and sure-footed upright bass lines.

Although hailing from the south coast of England, their tunes suggest their true roots lie along the endless I40 highway, passing by Raleigh, down along the Rocky Mountains and into Tennessee. Indeed, their time spent in the American Deep South manifests itself in their songwriting, inspiring evocative lyrics of corn-mash moonshining, gold rush fever and American folklore heroes. They carefully interweave this nostalgic imagery with local stories and personal accounts from their hometown in the UK, resulting in distinct, upbeat juke joint songs with melancholic undertones and tales of morality.

This unique sound has seen The Paper Trains play such prestigious venues as the legendary Bluebird Café in Nashville and the Cavern Club in Liverpool, as well as many well-known UK and international festivals.

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