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Seeing Red – the new hit single from Artemis

Artemis is an alt-rock band from Southampton that has just released their new single: ‘Seeing Red’ with their heavy and eerie angst in this return.

Main singer, Yianna Schultze. Photographed by Georgia Penny.

This single is one of Artemis’ most aggressive but fun singles yet. They address a topic that isn’t talked about enough – periods! Artemis are a band that is not afraid to discuss something that is typically shied away from.

Q: Could you tell me about your recent single, Seeing Red?

A: Seeing Red is another one of our angsty anthems and it’s a total crowd-pleaser! It’s about periods but however you wanna interpret it is fine! It captures the anger and frustration of an uncontrollable thing that gets in the way and stops you from doing what you want to do.

Artemis are constantly trying to get into an extremely demanding industry. Artemis’ future is bright as they plan for big things for their band, promising great opportunity and success for them.

Seeing Red is available on all streaming platforms such as Spotify and are constantly performing at gigs in and around Southampton!