Solent Music seeks and supports music, music media and other music-related work experiences at Southampton Solent University. It aims to celebrate and promote the talented musicians, managers, promoters, producers and journalists at the University, and to foster the local music economy.

Solent Music has facilitated and supported over 1500 work experiences since its creation in late 2011. This includes:

  • promoting and developing artists;
  • technical, creative and media support work at live music venues and festivals;
  • promoting and event managing gigs, events, club nights and arts nights;
  • writing for and creating magazines and websites on a range of topics;
  • providing performance and production opportunities
  • …. and much more.

Solent Music is part of the annual SMILEfest at the University – our very own student-led music and music media industry festival. The event now lasts for nearly the whole of the month of March and incorporates guest speaker conferences, workshops, live events, club nights and other activities which take place right across the city of Southampton.

Solent Music was established by Dr Chris Anderton (Course Leader of BA Hons Music Promotion and BA Hons Music Management) in 2011, and that the current website has been designed by BA Hons Music Promotion graduate Anete Hiie.

For more information on our courses please visit Southampton Solent University’s official course page here.