Ryan Osborne playing bass for The Crimson Flames
Photo by Russ Leggatt @russ_leggatt

Psychedelic not Polished

Known from The Crimson Flames, Ryan Osborne, only 20 years old and respected in Portsmouth’s music scene, is ready to move to a new scene of psychedelia. 

Coming to Southampton to share his raw and authentic sound, Osborne uses his music to escape from real life and as an outlet to share his experience of growing up in the chaotic city.

With influences from Anton Newcombe and Henry Rollins, Osborne hopes to keep his psychedelic sound while moving into hardcore punk and garage rock

Rapidly growing on social media, Osborne likes to stick to his roots when making his music and doesn’t like anything too polished and manufactured to match his haywire stage presence and erratic songwriting style. 

Already achieving a deal in his career, Osborne released his first EP with The Crimson Flames Sexile on Albert Rd. which landed him gig after gig. Performing at The Joiners back in 2022, and landing support at venues like the Edge of the Wedge, he said ‘I played a gig with the crimson flames at the loft, [it was an] amazing turn out and I played alongside my mates band which is my current band, a lot of boozing and fun.’

Expanding into a new realm of music, Osborne is a name to watch out for. Follow his instagram for updates on new projects and gigs.