Mega Sun Machine : The up and coming alternative rock band from Southampton

Are you a fan of alternative rock? If you are, don’t look any further Mega Sun Machine is the band you will want to keep an eye on. A four member band from Southampton that was formed back in October 2021.

Mega Sun Machine was originally a three member band that was created by close friends, Brogan who does vocals and plays guitar, James who plays bass and backing vocals and Sam who plays the Drums. However the band was later on joined by Fin who is the lead guitarist for Mega Sun Machine.

Photos by @cxrtismc_media on Instagram

Since forming the band have played many shows at venues including sell out shows at The Joiners and The Hobbit Pub,Supported Sheffield’s Post-Punk Band Sheaf’s at Heartbreakers and they have played for the National Lottery and Music Venue Trust at The Railway Inn.

Mega Sun Machine has had a very busy year and are currently working on more songs. These songs are at the moment being recorded and they are looking at releasing a new single in 2023!

Photos by @serenpho on Instagram

If you want to check out Mega Sun Machine’s Socials

here is a link :

They will be performing at Heartbreakers in January. More information to follow!