Looking for a ‘Real Music’ Revolution? Discover Eden Gains!

Channeling real, vulnerability and emotions into lyrics is not something all modern artists can perfect. Eden Gains, a 19-year-old with an energetic passion for songwriting, is the future of ‘real’ music.

Photos by Izzy Ferguson

Growing up in Portsmouth she was surrounded by music genres like ‘Britpop’ and ‘RnB’. Listening to Sam Fender and Fontaines’s D.C she’s shaped her own combination of soft acoustics and fierce yet controlled vocals.

Despite being young, Gains has had many experiences which she portrays in her lyrics allowing others to connect to her struggles – particularly with mental health. Making people feel heard through music is Gains’s biggest priority.

After Playing her first solo gig at Victorious Festival, Gains has accomplished one of her many ambitions and is ready for more people to hear and love her music.

Photo by Sami Collins

Writing about mental health and experiences in my life is so helpful and relatable despite not thinking so at the start


Writing acoustically, she captures music that feels raw and uplifting. Unlike the masses of manufactured artists currently, Gains’s hard-hitting lyrics tell her story and invite us on the journey through the rhythm.

And now Gains’s latest EP ‘Who do You Think I Am?’ Released earlier this year on Spotify proves exactly why she is worth listening to.

Dreamy electric guitar riffs and indie-pop vocals in abundance.

Why aren’t you listening to it already?

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