‘Talk of the Town’ singer releases new EP

Luke ‘Nozbone’ Norris, is paving a distinct niche in the Bournemouth music scene with his captivating blend of soulful melodies, funky rhythms, and a touch of synth-filled nostalgia. Fusing an eclectic mix of influences ranging from the mellow grooves of Tom Misch and Benny Sings to the retro-funk vibes of Silk Sonic, Nozbone’s music encapsulates the essence of modern neo-soul and R&B.

From producing parody songs for his favourite football teams to collaborating with friends on music projects at music college, Nozbone’s debut EP ‘Stages’ is his most ambitious venture yet. His newfound sound twins elements of soulful melodies and jazzy beats, perfect for late nights grooves and that feel good feeling. Success for Nozbone came after his first single ‘TV Screen’ received a play on HotRadio, followed by two tracks from ‘Stagesbeing featured on Solent Radio’s ‘BBC Music Introducing’ with Fern Buckley highlighting him as one to watch.

Absolutely, love, love, love…

Fern Buckley
Image by @lukenoz7 on Instagram

Infused with a profound appreciation for the classic sounds of funk and R&B, as championed by Silk Sonic, Nozbone’s next projects are on a musical journey that’s far bigger than the sleepy streets of Poole and Bournemouth. Stages was released on August 20th 2023, featuring notable features such as the brooding harmonies on ‘Summer’s Day’ brought by Liam Malcom and the incredible vocal lines delivered by Nozbone’s sister, Jade Norris, on The Brakes’ which depicts the troubles of a stagnant relationship.

My music is about finding things out about your own emotions or relationship. Something I feel most young people can resonate with  

Luke (Nozbone) Norris

Behind the scenes photos from new ‘Set on You’ promo.

Stages is currently available for streaming on all platforms. Click the link to listen below!

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