New local on the scene Taran McGuire

Taran is a musician from Birmingham Uk, the 19 year old started writing music in 2020 when he was 16 during the lockdown. Getting into pop punk and alternative music he developed a taste for that kind of sound, artists like; green day , panic at the disco, nirvana , brioche and I don’t know how but they found me. These artists were a massive inspiration for Taran’s music, although he has a multitude of songs that experiment with cross genres. He recored a few demos of his music on a counterfeit mixing website. Although they are’t released as they aren’t suited for his type of music anymore. Taran keeps writing new music to create a better song than the last, it gives him a sense of joy making more catchy and influencing songs.

His new music is realising soon, it focuses on more dark subjects equating to real life situations and stories of Taran’s life and creative guitar elements. He one day hopes to have the same impact on other people with his music like nirvana and green day did to him. At the moment this is Taran’s solo projects, however he is inspired to be in a band. 

“Every problem is just inconvenient, easily fixed”- Taran McGuire

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