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I'm a Music Promotion graduate and I used to work in Web Promotion and Event Management at Southampton Solent University's music hub Solent Music. I also freelance as a booking agent and an artist developer at and have an unhealthy obsession with weights and cats.

Maddy is Solent Music's former sub-editor, Twitter person and a Music Journalism graduate.

I'm Amy, a writer for my own blog Hooked On The Music and The Huffington Post and I have a passion for writing and music. Take a look at my social media and follow me if you want to see more from me. Now a Popular Music Journalism graduate.

I graduated Music Promotion and the former manager of Solent Music, alongside running my own company Trauma Music; which is a artist development platform in the south focusing on Management, Press and Bookings.

I'm Rebecca but you can call me Becca. I'm a second year fashion journalism student and fashion/music blogger over at

My name is Callum McCormack, I’m 20 years old but feel like I’m about 40 and am a resident in the city of sin, Coventry. I’m extremely sarcastic to the point where I’m not even sure when I’m serious anymore. A huge festival geek and a lover of everything music and Celtic Football Club. If I could describe myself in one song it would be ‘I’m A Realist’ by The Cribs, I think that gives a clear indication of my pessimism. I’m nice though, I promise. A Popular Music Journalism graduate.

I’m a Film Production graduate at Solent, with a keen interest in music and writing. I love finding critically acclaimed albums and examining how they got to be so revered, and I also love playing the drums.

I'm Emily and I'm a music journalism graduate from Solent. I love going to gigs, finding new bands and meeting new people along the way.

Hi, my name is Emma and I’m a Photojournalism student here at Solent University. I’m originally from Buckinghamshire. I love to record, write and photograph my experiences and travels and I’m excited about the next few years here!

Hey, I’m Georgia and my life mainly consists of gigs, gin and green vegetables (although I am NOT as healthy as that last one implies). I book shows and manage bands on top of writing about and interviewing them, and am currently interning at the Joiners. I’m also a Popular Music Journalism graduate.

BA (Hons) Popular Music Journalism graduate and indie pop fanatic.

I'm Hollie Ingram. A trainee journalist and currently studying Magazine Journalism at Solent University. I have a love for writing, especially about music and fashion. Interested in all things quirky. A lazy perfectionist.

Hey, Im Jake. Im a Music Promotion student at Solent. I have previously written reviews for Future House Music. I love electronic music and songs which push the boundaries of sound and genre. I have also recently dabbled in DJing, and I am a big fan of urban style, including street art and fashion.

A Popular Music Journalism graduate who is currently the Editor of Solent Music as well as freelancing for different magazines. An indie, rock and blues fanatic who wants a long career in the music industry.

Hey, my name's Kaitlyn and I'm a music journalist and photographer. When I'm not writing or editing, I enjoy travelling, watching TV and playing with animals. Graduate of Popular Music Journalism.

As a child, when I was asked 'what do you want to be when you're older?' Contrary to the astronauts and police officers, 'a photographer!' I would respond. I have always been intrigued by the process of recording images; but also of how my perception from behind the lens can represent a scene in a unique way. Somewhere between a scientist and an artist, the photographer is the creator of a moment frozen in time - an alternate reality. It is this surreality of the image that draws me to the practise of photography.

An aspiring music journalist who enjoys playing bass and obsessively listening to music. Occasional artist and frequent drinker of wine. Attending university in Southampton.

I'm a BA (Hons) Popular Music Journalism student. In my spare time I like to research, watch TV and listen to music. My biggest passion is books and with a collection of over 150 that's still growing, if you ever need a book recommendation or want to talk about books then you know who to come to.