Fragment Promotion live session with Melt Dunes

Fragment Promotion present a live session with the ‘Psychedelic Southsea Noise peddlres at Strong Island Recordings’ Melt Dunes.

‘Flesh’ is a near 6-minute krautrock workout played with the gusto of The Stooges and the subtleties of CAN.

The band charge mercilessly through the track with a cutting, persistent and droning synth providing the fuel for guitars to scream, drums to bludgeon and vocals to burn down a night sky with. It’s ‘Waiting for the Man’ for a disenchanted beach kid who’ll wait for no man, who knew chewing up a classic was going to sound so good, so twisted and so unique in an ocean of bands trying a little too hard to be The Growlers, King Gizzard and Ty Segall rather than become peers and equals?

‘Flesh’ is the first of many great numbers the band are set to release, with a ton of live shows booked the first part of this year, Melt Dunes will pummel and hypnotise the crowds with fuzzed out bass, evil synths and heavy protopunk guitars, all doused in the winter sea mist and delivered in a closed fist caked in slime from another planet.


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