Jordan Statham – Graduate Story

Jordan is one of many success stories at Solent.  Someone who worked hard and created as much as possible, for example creating his own local promotions company where he put on shows at venues like The 1865 and The Joiners as well as doing numerous internships at Audience Magazine/Future Rising to promote awareness of Autism and constantly learn new things in this industry.

“During my studies I was really proactive”

Many questions when it comes to university is – will you end up with a job by the end of the three years? Well, Jordan was constantly searching for work experience, internships, freelance work and more during this three years at Solent.  He was even offered several different placements in his third year, which is something you don’t hear many people doing but other graduates from our music courses have had similar stories of hustling in third year and fitting in industry work on the side. By doing all of this, stories like Jordan’s can tell you a lot about if you will end up with a job after your degree.

By the time Jordan had accepted his first job after graduating, he didn’t have to travel too far for it.  Jordan was already working in London when he went for numerous interviews at major record labels and when he wasn’t offered the position he applied for he was then introduced to his current boss for The Featured Artist Coalition.  His skill set from working hard during university impressed different types of people in the major labels and showed what he can provide for the industry.

“Music isn’t just a career choice but more a lifestyle”

A lot of graduates have agreed that the industry is the toughest place for work, not just because you need more experience than the next person, which can be impossible to get, but when you’re working in the music industry it isn’t your traditional 9-5, it is interesting when it comes to attending gigs, networking and award shows.  But it’s also a case of keeping up on the latest artists/bands coming through as well as industry news that could affect anything you do.

This industry is a tough one because everyone wants to be in it, which is why it’s so competitive and why you have to fight harder than anyone.

“Confidence is key”

Jordan concluded with advice that he would give any student reading this article – and that is just to go out there, talk to people, be entrepreneurial, create something and show this industry what you’re capable of.  It’s tough when the constant rejections come in but it only takes one acceptance to get you started and for you to become someone.  He also couldn’t stress enough the importance of networking and how it can truly benefit you in different ways.

This story is a prime example of how important hard work truly is.  It’s an example of how doing different things and improving your skill set during university can prove how the industry needs you and finally, it’s an example of how persistence in this industry can get you far.