Music Careers Day 2019

Solent University has always appreciated how important networking within your chosen industry is and how it can affect your career and this day was no different.

A mixture of guest talks in the Palmerston lecture theatre combined with the space for companies to set up tables and interact with students about their company and about how the students can get involved proved popular as over 200 students attended.

Kicking off the event was an introduction panel where all the guests who were invited gave a brief introduction to themselves so you knew about their work and if there were any specific companies you wanted to talk to. After that talks from U.K Music followed by Tileyard in Conversation and an MPA Music Publishing talk so it was a mixed bag of goodies for the different music creatives that we have.

It wasn’t just Solent students who were the main focus of the event, during the four hour networking event we had college students who had already accepted a place at Solent for the music courses come along and experience their first networking event. Graduates made the trip down to Southampton to see if they could make any more connections whilst drinking more coffee than any-one else.

Throughout the event students had chances to have their CV and LinkedIn checked to see how they could improve and how they can stand out from the crowd, which proved an amazing thing as second year students who had just created their LinkedIn profiles came away with insights that they wouldn’t have heard anywhere else.

Overall, the event left students with contacts in the industry, but hungry for more and the guests leaving happy with the fact that students are actually ready for the industry they want to be in.