New and Upcoming Artist, Lara

Lara comes from an Italian background; her mum is from the south in Terlizzi and she grew up listening to her mum’s music. When she was young, she used to play music all of the time. She remembers listening to Paolo Meneguzzi and Elisa. Her mum moved to England in 1997. 

At school, she joined the school choir, where she found her passion in singing. She sung at the Poole Schools Christmas concert and many other choir events at school. This enabled her to enhance her singing skills and read music lyrically.  

She tried her luck at playing guitar in primary, which carried on for about 4 years but decided to put more focus into her studies. However, she did start again during lockdown as well as self-teaching herself to play the keyboard. In the end, the keyboard won and she continues to play keyboard in tandem to her singing. 

Her inspirations in music are R&B, pop and dance with her industry influencers being Bruno Mars, Anderson Paak, The Weekend. 

She aspires to be a music producer and is currently studying a degree in Music, Production and Performance to help her along her dream career pathway. 

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