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Photo by Elliott Brown

From starting off producing in his bedroom to now the studio, Elliott Brown is a 19-year-old newly emerging pop singer/songwriter and producer, heavily influenced by the genre of Pop, Jazz and R&B. He possesses a lot of inspiration from artists such as Charlie Puth and Harry Styles, as he feels they bring a lot to the table and can really show off the unique and entertaining elements of pop music which is alternatively his goal too.

“Pop music is consistently changing nowadays and there are new sounds and uniqueness arising, which is super exciting”

Coming from the county Essex, Elliott has grown up consistently being surrounded by music, as his family all obtain a form of musical history ranging from DJ’ing to Musicals. In 2018 (5 years), he decided to spend some time discovering and exploring the elements of music, quickly realising that music was what he wanted to do with his life. His musical creations often represent life experiences and situations that people can relate to as well as Vibrant basslines and beats that creates that “ear candy” and enjoyment for the listener.

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Photo by Theo Pound

“Studying my passion feels great, I feel like I am heading in the right direction to my aspirations “

Currently as of 2023, he has 4 songs that are waiting to be released that represents himself now as an artist along with some gigs coming up with his newly formed band “Socials”. Although Elliott is still new to the musical scene, his knowledge and understanding of music is only increasing and improving, allowing him to produce new sounds that you may be hearing very soon…

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Photo by Theo Pound