DJ Frequency

Dance DJ From Southampton

DJ Frequency, originally hailing from Southampton, has been mixing music since 1995. Starting out in the 1990’s when vinyl records were the predominant form of media for DJ’s to mix on, he has progressed with the times and adapted his skills to suit the modern era.

In the early 1990’s, DJ Frequency drew inspiration from the mainstream club music scene. Artists such as 2 Unlimited, The Shaman, and Prodigy were popular bands to listen to and helped spark the trend of Electronic Dance Music (EDM).

DJ Frequency primarily uses digital formats to create and mix his tracks. As the digital format is the most widely available for good quality music, he has been able to find the best music to help him succeed in the competitive world of DJing.

Playing a broad range of dance music from Drum and Bass to Jungle to Breakbeat to Hardcore, DJ Frequency’s true passion is with faster produced dance music. However, he still loves the nostalgia of the slower genres such as Funky House.

Capture of a livestream

Studying for a Digital Music Degree at Solent University, DJ Frequency hopes to progress into a full-time career and possibly enter the music and film industry.

Managing his own online radio station, FreeTheVinyl, DJ Frequency aims to drive the EDM genre to people who have never heard of it and showcase how creative it can be. With a focused and happy-loving vibe, he strives to bring joy to his listeners through the power of music.

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