Jack Pinkney

Jack: Music Management

Second-year BA (Hons) Music Management student Jack Pinkney started his own music management company over the summer called Matchbox Management so we asked Jack a few questions about how it’s all been going…

Music Management company Matchbox Management is currently managing a 5 piece indie band from Norwich called Red Wine Talk. Jack started this in August 2020 and has already done so much. Their most popular song ‘The Halfway House’ currently has over 14k streams. Their first gig since Covid-19 went “really well”, despite not being able to get close to the audience. It was a strange experience for the artist having to perform behind plastic screens to protect the audience.

Image of Red Wine Talk band
Red Wine Talk

Red Wine Talk have a lot of new material with a lot of the final mixes already done. These are planned to be released in summer 2021. We can expect some singles prior to the release with the hopes of some music videos to accompany them. Though these are dependent on lockdown rules, unfortunately. They’re hoping to get enough attention and traction from their first album to not have to fund their second album recording in a Norfolk studio. They hope to be able to take their material to a London studio. 

Jack’s main advice from his experiences so far is to listen to what your artist wants. What their goals are and not just your own. You need to be able to support them wholeheartedly, it’s important to listen to them and decide whether you can. He also says not to be afraid to make a lot of mistakes. It’s bound to happen and you shouldn’t be scared to do so. “You’ll bring up ideas to your artist that you think are great and they won’t like it… You have to balance it out” and make sure they take you seriously. Unfortunately, sometimes it won’t work with an artist “but it’s important to be persistent and not get too disheartened”. 

You can follow Matchbox Management on Instagram: @matchboxmangement

Check out Red Wine Talk on streaming platforms such as Spotify and YouTube to keep up to date!