Pioneers – Feeling Blue – Sofar Sounds Gig

Have you ever felt the need to grab your guitar and play in some random person’s living room? No? Well, apparently Pioneers felt the need to back in March when they played in Winchester for SoFar Sounds for their ‘Songs From A Room’ feature, where they do they exactly what it says on the tin.

Although this happened a few months ago, the Southampton based band and SoFar Sounds have just started promoting it on their social media with amazing feedback of the performance such as ‘Really nice and calming’ when people watched the acoustic performance.

Credit – SoFar Sounds

The track the band performed was ‘Feeling Blue’ where they played in front of a fireplace to a small crowd who seemed so enthralled of the performance that they forgot about the birthday cards on top of the fireplace.  Somewhere a ten-year-old can say she had a band play in her parents’ house for her tenth birthday, that’s not a bad birthday is it?

Pioneers seem to be drawing more and more crowds and gaining much more attention so it’s a good thing that the quartet are releasing new music at the end of August.  The university has had a great influence on the band, having had music promotion students help them get better and better and on the 30th August when Pioneers release new music, you’ll find yourself just has enthralled as the crowd in this performance.