BA (Hons) Popular Music Journalism 2008 – 2019 at Solent University, Southampton

As part of the Course, the level 5 students worked in small production groups to produce a music EPK or documentary with an artist or band. They had one semester to plan, record and edit.

To many of these music journalists, this was a completely new experience; the students were trained to use a Panasonic 151 HD camera, with a BOOM mic and Red Head lights in one afternoon. They were also taught basic editing skills using Final Cut Pro and/or Adobe Premiere over a couple of weeks. Then it was up to them to find an artist or band, find a suitable location, hire out the equipment and utilise the new skills and experiences to create their EPK/documentary.

Building on the Popular Music Journalism course, and acknowledging its importance for a full music skillset, industry focussed video production is an essential skill for the contemporary music business starter and remains an integral part of the BA(Hons) Music Business course at Solent University, Southampton.

For the full selection of EPK’s and documentaries, you can watch the BA (Hons) Popular Music Journalism EPK Playlist on the Solent Music YouTube channel.

WARNING: Some videos may contain strong language