RHODA DAKAR returns to Southampton – Friday 22 December

Ska legend RHODA DAKAR returns to Southampton
Live Friday 22nd December at Talking Heads
Following her inspirational contributions to the ‘Punk and Rock Against Racism’ panel at Solent University’s Punk. So What?conference, ska legend Rhoda Dakar returns to Southampton with her band to play a gig at Talking Heads this Friday 22 December.
As lead singer of the Bodysnatchers then part of the Specials and the Special AKA, Rhoda was a key player in the vibrant 2-Tone scene of the late 70s and 80s. The 2-Tone record label brought ska rhythms together with punk attitude and anti-racist politics in a series of stunning singles and albums that succeeded in storming the charts – e.g. Free Nelson Mandela.
Rhoda grew up opposite the legendary Ram Jam Club in Brixton which must have influenced her musical career, as did being a fan of David Bowie, the New York Dolls and Sex Pistols.
This show at Talking Heads will be Rhoda’s last gig of 2017. She says: Please consider it a Xmas knees up and feel free to dress accordingly! Can’t promise I’ll do the same, but there may be the odd ‘confectionary opportunity’! Come, enjoy, bring friends!