Maria Forte (V2 Publishing, The Prodigy, The Police)

Maria Forte is the Co-Founder and Director of Public Affairs at V2 and works on digital rights management for Radiohead/ sample clearance for The Prodigy.

Maria has worked in the music industry for three decades. She has worked at Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd and with many contemporary bands/writers including The Police; The Human League; Culture Club; Soul II Soul; The Clash; Stereo MC’s and The Prodigy. She’s also worked at EMI Music Publishing running the copyright department as well as establishing the sampling department. She continued to work with the Virgin Music catalogue as well as the rich and varied catalogue belonging to EMI.

n 1996, she was a co-founder and Director of Commercial Affairs at V2 Music Publishing Ltd., Richard Branson’s second venture into music publishing. In July 2006 she created Maria Forte Music Services Ltd. Her clients include Warner Chappell music, for the implementation of their pan European Digital Rights Initiative.