Zephyr, the newest edition to euphoric music!

Zephyr, the newest edition to euphoric music has his sights set big. With inspiration from artists like Armin Van Buuren, Ben Gold, Aly & FIla and Cosmic Gate. His aspirations to become a world renowned trance producer are inspiring.

Not only does he wish to produce trance however, along with trance Liquid DnB is another goal of his to conquer, “I think Liquid DnB and Trance tend to share the same main theme and the people that listen to either are always looking for that euphoric feeling that sparks those hands in the air emotions of ecstasy and pure happiness or something that express your saddest emotions and helps you release those feelings.”

While he has a long way to go to becoming a top artists known around the world, he shows some promising potential with some of his work including his remix of Paul Woolford & Diplo – Looking for me.

Here is a few songs that I love so much, that mean a lot to me.

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