“I hate being called a singer-songwriter.” WYSE Refuses to be Pigeon-holed Into Any Category

Wyse at the Queer Prom, Edge of the Wedge in Portsmouth. Photographed by Sasha Sinkler

            Wyse is busting through the Alternative genre, destroying any preconceptions about what kind of music they make and what kind of person they are.

            Wyse is an artist beyond genre and gender. Their upcoming EP – ‘Not Love Songs’, will focus on their skills as a guitarist and a producer. They feel that female guitarists and producers often must work twice as hard as their male counterparts – only to get half the recognition. Wyse’s complaint about often being pushed into a gender-based stereotype is based on the general assumption that any female who sings and plays guitar is a sappy, sad singer-songwriter.

            When a friend asked how the ‘Love Songs’ EP was coming, Wyse retorted: “They’re not love songs!”, inspiring the title for the upcoming project. With references like Green Day, Avril Lavigne, AC/DC and Awolnation Wyse says they are going back to their roots, the music they grew up on to craft these biting, gritty songs. ‘Forget You’ on the EP is reminiscent of the sharp riffs on Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit, mixed with the sassy lyrics and vocals of Just A Girl by No Doubt.

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