Introducing: Summer City managed by Jo Howarth (How Art Music)

Hi, we’re Summer City. We’re from York, or I guess in Southampton you’d just call it ‘up north.’ Whatever suits.

Summer City is a rock/electronic band managed by Jo Howarth, How Art Music from Music Management. The band just released a new music video so we used the occasion to get to know the guys. And they’re awesome.


Can you tell us about the new video?

Nick: It’s a video for a song called ‘Burn It Down’ off of our EP ‘Reprobates.’

Benji: We’ve worked with Chris from Life Is Art Films for a while now, and he just understands exactly what we’re looking for. He’s also produced some wicked videos for other bands, like Dial Tones for As It Is, which is amazing!

Kit: I guess it’s a bit of a love child, it’s very close to our hearts. The theme is quite poignant to us, so we hope that conveys as emotionally as we want it to.

Ben: It was so exciting to shoot. We literally cleared out Kit’s bedroom and filled it with neon lights and smoke and the result was really cool. We can’t wait for people to see it!


You’re also going on tour in November, what’s your state of mind?

Kit: Pretty stressed, there’s a lot to organise. We do everything ourselves so there’s so much to do!

Ben: Stoked! Our last UK tour was the best to date and I can’t wait to beat it! We’re playing some super exciting new places too (like Glasgow!), so I’m looking forward to seeing some new and old faces.

Nick: April tour was my first tour with the band and it was SO much fun. Now November tour is creeping up on us all and I can’t wait!

Benji: I’m just thinking ‘don’t fuck it up’



What’s your go-to karaoke song?

Benji: C’est La Vie by B*witched

Nick: Urgh… Red Hot Chili Peppers, Snow! I’m sorry everyone!

Kit: Pride by U2

Ben: It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of cheesy music. Justin Bieber – Baby, I know the entire Ludacris Rap. Absolutely no shame, that song is a banger.


Who would you want to be onstage with the most?

Ben: At the minute I’m loving The 1975 so probably Matt Healy. His frontmanship is awesome.

Benji: It would have to be Gerard Way.

Nick: For me, I guess that would be Billie Joe Armstrong, just even the thought of it…

Kit: In all honesty, the Summer City guys. There’s no one I’d rather have up there with me than my best friends.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Benji: Buy an army of dogs and be a king of all the puppies.

Ben: I’d buy out all the tickets to Harry Potter world for the day. Who’s coming with me?!

Kit: I’d buy all the boys their dream rigs, then get us a nice little studio and rehearsal space.

Nick: I’d go on a huge Summer City band and crew holiday somewhere hot. We’d have our own private yacht. I guess it’d have to be all black, right? It’s kind of the band aesthetic!


What’s your favourite song to play live?

Benji: Probably Burn It Down. Although I do have an awkward moment during the chorus where I don’t play guitar and I never know what to do with my hands…

Ben: Probably Reprobates. That song has an awesome vibe and it always gets a great reaction live!

Kit: My favourite is Reprobates too. It’s got a dub feel to it that really shines on bass.

Nick: Mine would be Signals, it seems to be a track the crowd like and sing back to us!


What’s your weirdest hobby?

Nick: Weirdest… I tend to eat Tuna straight from the can?

Ben: Hmmm I don’t think I have that many weird hobbies (Kit or Benji are your guys for that), but I spend a lot of time doing audio stuff which is pretty nerdy I guess.

Kit: I actually used to be a dancer. I did ballet and tap for years, and I’m still pretty light on my feet!

Benji: I play competitive Pokémon. I also don’t have any friends.


Who in the band makes the meanest breakfast?

Nick: On this occasion, I nominate [Kit] Parker’s Mum!

Ben: Now this is completely down to personal opinion, because Benji might think his mushroom and avocado on toast hits the spot but for me there just wouldn’t be enough bacon. Kit would probably have my vote on this one.

Kit: Benji makes a great breakfast. He’s vegetarian so he makes a real effort with his food!

Benji: Me, and I will fight anyone who says otherwise.
What song is stuck in your head?

Benji: Billy Joel We Didn’t Start The Fire

Kit: At the moment it’s Work For It by Lower Than Atlantis

Nick: Currently, Juggernaughts by Enter Shikari – an oldie but a goodie!

Ben: I’m loving the new As It Is track Pretty Little Distance! Those guys are sick.

If you were a superhero what powers would you have?

Benji: The super vegan powers that Todd from Scott Pilgrim has

Nick: I’ve come up with a name and everything! The Amazing! Inkwell: No pen will ever run out of ink while in his Amazing! hand. He also has Amazing! handwriting.

Kit: I’d be super fast so I could solve everyone’s problems all at once.

Ben: I’d be Captain Pancake and have the ability to produce tasty Pancakes at the snap of a finger. I fucking love pancakes.                     




Catch Summer City on tour:

19/11 – LEEDS – Eiger Studios

20/11 – LONDON – Surya

22/11 – MANCHESTER – Factory

23/11 – YORK – Fibbers

24/11 – BIRMINGHAM – The Flapper (16+)

25/11 – NEWCASTLE – Jumpin Jacks

26/11 – GLASGOW – Ivory Blacks

Summer City  Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud
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