Live & Kicking 2018 – Mind Over Matter

The second and final panel was on the topic of ‘Mind Over Matter: Exploring mental health in the music industry’ with three more guests; Fiona McGugan (Music Managers Forum), Keiza Racher (Help Musicians UK) & Jasmine Watts (CTRL FRL. & Tremore Music Management).

The question of mental health is being increased by the day, with more and more famous artists killing themselves due to the state of their mental well-being. With the Study ‘Can music make you sick’ some of the facts they saw where:

  • 2,211 (self-selected) respondents took part in the industry-wide survey
  • 71.1% of all respondents believed they had experienced panic attacks and/or high levels of anxiety
  • 68.5% reported they had experienced depression
  • [Of those that reported] 30% claimed they would be very likely to, or had already sought help
  • 55% felt there were gaps in the provision of services for musicians

This shows a systemic nature of mental health throughout the music industry and the culture of working within this world as a whole.

“Highly creative people might have a different psychology of the mine…understanding about your mind, is not a weaknesses…As an industry we do not prepare the artist about aspects of the industry…we work on Business Ethics and not Mental Health Ethics which needs to change soon” (Fiona McGugan)

With Keiza raising the question of what actually happens when you are in the industry.

“It draws a creative in but it’s what happens when they are in the industry and the lack of support within this fantastic industry…the lack of security for the artist is one of the biggest triggers either through money security, ‘success’ and lack of credibility security”  (Keiza Racher)

The question of the ‘Tortured Romance’ came up and how is many ways this idea, of being a tortured artists is a thing to be celebrated and not taken care of.

“Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll and you have to do this or your not ‘cool’ according to some artists within the industry” (Keiza Racher)

“Working within the electronic music industry, their is a culture of ‘you can’t say no to the drugs'” (Jasmine Watts)

With all these facts playing out to an artist, the highly competitive market of music and all the social struggles an artist has to deal with, the last question of the panel was: what can we do to help mental health in the industry?

“Teaching managers about mental healh and how to react when your artist is having a panic attack or if they should play…and future education of everyone in the industry.” (Fiona McGugan)

If you are interested in looking into mental health more then check out: Help Musicians


All Photos taken by Emily-Jade Young. Facebook Page