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Southampton has a new talent with this unique artist, fusing an interesting mix of psychedelic rock and indie for a sound that cannot be replicated. Check out his Instagram page with the link below to be kept up to date with all things Harbour.

Harbour sound

Harbour is a 22 year old emerging artist from Southampton slowly making himself known to the public with new releases, you can check out the artist demo’s on Soundcloud.

With clear influences from Sticky fingers, Sad Night Dynamite and DMA’s, Harbour maintains a unique sound with atmospheric and psychedelic properties which link into his image very well as he snaps photos of himself skating, as well as photographing his many different outfits, and showing off his photography skills.

Deep Blue dream will be out on all platforms January 3rd, marking this the first full length release for the artist after months of teasers and snippets being uploaded to Instagram and Tik Tok, building anticipation and hype for the release.