Samm Henshaw – Church -Single Review

Rejoice! Henshaw is back with those soul vibes and this time he has EARTHGANG featuring on the track.

The singer-songwriter has always changed up his style of writing, from ‘Broke’ to ‘Doubt’, but they all have the same type of feeling; that feeling being soul throughout every single track he makes.

The graduate of Popular Music Performance from Solent University has always loved experimenting with his music, so it’s not hard to imagine that this single is addictive when it comes to the beats. But it’s even more addictive to know that Henshaw has been working with the likes of Pharrell, recently collaborating in the studio with the legendary producer.

Since leaving the university he has gone from strength to strength and it’s clear to see that “Church” is vastly different compared to his early work in his E.P ‘The Sound Experiment’. But it’s that soul feeling throughout his work that has remained.  No matter how clever his lyrics are, no matter who is featured on the track, and no matter how many songs he writes, Henshaw will keep the soul mood. Ah! It’s so refreshing.  

“Wearing your halo like a snapback” and “Mama said we’re in the church you best not believe this is a hotel” are just some of the clever lyrics used in this track, with some beautiful backing tracks.

The former student has already teased new things coming for 2019 as he just announced a gig at London Electric Brixton in May and the possibility of a small U.S tour in the future.  Either way, this artist keeps growing and growing. If you ever needed some more soul in your life then Henshaw’s music is a must.