SMILEfest 2015 guests – who are they?

Each year, we are incredibly lucky to have a variety of guests from across different aspects of the industry and this year is the same. The guests have been announced but who are they and what do they do? Here’s a little insight to each guest, panel by panel, before the conference takes place on Wednesday 11th March.

Panel 1 – 12:00 Digital Witness: The future of Music?

Featured guests: Anya Strafford, Mike Smith and Tony Crean

Anya StraffordFirst up we have Anya Strafford. Anya is the International Marketing Manager for Caroline International. Her previous experience includes working as International Label Manager at Co-Operative Music. Caroline International provide a variety of different services to those in the industry, across the globe, from A&R to Finance.

Also joining this panel is the President of Music at Virgin EMI at Universal Music Group, Mike Smith. Mike Smith has been responsible for signing many acts such as Arctic Monkeys, Blur and Calvin Harris whilst working at MCA publishing, EMI publishing, Colombia Records and Mercury Records. He now works as President of Music at Virgin EMI at Universal Music Group.

Completing the panel is Tony Crean. Tony is an experienced artist manager Tony Creanand marketing consultant with over 20 years experience in record labels, management and international touring with award-winning artists including Goldfrapp, The Chemical Brothers and Portishead.

With some great experience under their belts and sure to be some fascinating stories to tell of their time in the music industry, make sure you attend the Music Industries Conference open from 11am in Studio Solent (JM315).