SoCo Music Project’s new urban music development scheme

It is important that there continues to be a supportive and inspiring offer for emerging talents in Urban Music in the community.

Here at SoCo we believe we’ve found a way too take this informal activity and provide pathways and progression for aspiring young artists: we are creating a specific role within our organisation, an Urban Music Development Officer.

This role will have 3 distinct functions: mapping and supporting the Urban Music offer in the city; exploring potential partnerships and best practice across the country; and building a strong evidence base demonstrating the impact of positive Urban Music pathways for young people. Urban genres have been at the heart of our work for nearly 10 years, and now we want to extend that informal support, creating a solid and visible ecosystem for urban music to flourish.

During this pilot phase we are working with Southampton Music Hub to build a picture of Urban Music in the city and start laying the foundations for a supportive and nurturing environment for existing, emerging and aspiring artists.

We would love to hear from organisations and projects from across the country that are on this journey or who have made progress supporting Urban Music in their area. For more information or to discuss your journey with us please get in touch:


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