Music students work, DJ and perform at Glastonbury 2017

Emma and Sammy from BA (Hons) Music Promotion worked as copyright officers for Glastonbury’s Sonic and Left Field stages where they dealt with contracts to allow filming the acts’ sets. The line up on both stages included Fatboy Slim, Nadia Rose, Mura Masa, Declan McKenna, Jamie MacColl, and many others. Solent also sent a bunch of students from music and television courses to work on OB (outside broadcasting) sound, editing, and filming the performances on the two stages, including Dan from BA (Hons) Popular Music Production.


Read: Music Promotion students work at Glastonbury


Emma, “I was the Copyright Clearance Officer for Sonic stage this year. It involved me trying to secure permission and signed contracts from artists and their management both before and during the festival in order for Solent Productions to film their sets. The hard work started before the festival where I sent out numerous emails and had to persuade management of the benefits of filming. However, once the festival started, I only had to get 5 of the 29 contracts signed which allowed me to have time to explore filming and photography with Solent Productions.

Thanks to my previous Artist Liaison role at other festivals, I understood how to locate artists once they’re on site and the correct way in which to approach them, especially before playing at Glastonbury! Once the festival had finished, I managed to get all of the contracts signed for Solent Productions. I had an amazing week and worked with some ridiculously talented people who will go on to do great things! Glastonbury Festival is incomparable, there isn’t anything like it. If you get a chance to go/work there, I’d definitely recommend it!”


Sammy, “I found the role of copyright clearance officer really interesting as it is pretty much the most important role within the filming crew. If i don’t get the signatures no one can film any artists. I am happy to say I got 100% of the signatures.”


Emma, “I had an amazing week and worked with some ridiculously talented people who will go on to do great things!”


That’s not all! Sammy with Dan from BA (Hons) Popular Music Production had the mind-blowing opportunity to DJ on the iconic Sonic stage in front of 600 people.


Sammy and Dan DJing on Sonic stage. Photo by Emma Mathew

Dan, “My role was for OB (Outside Broadcast) sound on the Sonic stage, so I was an OB sound engineer. I learnt so much and met so many people. I learnt about different technologies used in OB and learning to work with people from other expertise, like vision mixers, directors, photographers etc. I enjoyed it so much. I can’t believe that the artists and bands I’ve looked up to from an early age, like Noisia and Wilkinson, I was mixing them ready for broadcast. It’s a dream come true. And yeah DJing at sonic, well just another dream come true. Just to think of all the legendary acts to DJ on that stage. Such a good weeks probably the best few days in my life!”

Dan, “It’s a dream come true.”


Sammy, “Me and Dan just went in to the production office and asked if we could join in on the crew take over Silent Disco on the Sonic Stage. It was so much fun and a great laugh. Having around 600 people singing the songs you are playing was amazing.” Photo by Emma Mathew Sammy also had the chance to play an acoustic set on John Peel Hospitality stage, which is backstage of John Peel that hosted sets from Dua Lipa, Clean Bandit, London Grammar, Loyle Carner among others.


Sammy before performing


Sammy, “I did a show for a promoter in Western Super-mare a while ago and he runs the John Peel hospitality stage. He said that if I was going to Glastonbury this year, I could have an acoustic set. Having the chance to perform at the biggest festival in the world was the best experience I have ever had and the fact that people came up to me after and asked to have a photo with me was just so mind-blowing and amazing!”


Sammy on John Peel Hospitality stage

Sammy, “Having the chance to perform at the biggest festival in the world was the best experience..”