SMILEfest 2015 guests – who are they? *Part 3*

Each year, we are incredibly lucky to have a variety of guests from across different aspects of the industry and this year is the same. The guests have been announced but who are they and what do they do? Here’s a little insight to each guest panel by panel before the conference takes place on Wednesday 11th March.

Panel 3 – 2:20pm Viv Albertine In Conversation with John Robb

Featured guests: Viv Albertine and John Robb

vivWe are immensely excited to be joined by punk legend Viv Albertine for our ‘In Conversation…’ panel this year. Viv, the singer/songwriter, is best known as the guitarist for all female punk band The Slits.

The boss of Louder than War, and award winning journalist, John Robb will be leading the conversation with Viv Albertine.John-Robb

Viv and John are certain to bring a different insight to the industry and sharing their own experiences. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to hear from a punk legend! Make sure you attend the Music Industries Conference open from 11am in Studio Solent (JM315).