Students work at Craig David’s BIC arena show

A group of students from Southampton Solent University’s music and sound courses had the opportunity to get hands-on experience working at Craig David and Big Narstie’s arena show at BIC, Bournemouth.

Photo by Seweryn Zubka

BA (Hons) Music Management student Jo Howarth says, ‘I learnt a lot of things that I’ve always questioned but never understood before, like why the typical arena tour is routed like it is to make it more convenient to do shows where the stage size and height needs to be different. I also had a lot of questions answered abut the festival circuit and how Steve is able to make a whole stage run to schedule. We even got tickets to the show in the best seats in the arena!’

Photo by Seweryn Zubka

Seweryn Zubka (BA Hons Popular Music Production) says,

‘Thank you a lot for giving us the opportunity for this trip. It was amazing to see how everyone in the crew knew what they were doing, how organised everything was and the progress of the set up within just 2 hours. We had an opportunity to talk and ask questions to the promoter and stage manager during the viewing. Speaking for myself I loved the trip. It was really motivational for me and opened my eyes to what I want to do in the future.’
‘It was amazing to see how everyone in the crew knew what they were doing..’
Photo by Sam Stafford
BA (Hons) Live Sound Technology student Sam Stafford says, ‘I went to the BIC last Sunday for the production day and it was fab! Steve was a really interesting person and answered all of our questions and we got to learn quite a lot. All in all it was a very useful day! And a free ticket for the actual gig was a total bonus.’
‘All in all it was a very useful day!’
Source: Students work at Craig David show | Blog | Southampton Solent University