Jordan Statham – FAC Assistant Manager

“In the 6 weeks I’ve been here it’s been amazing I wake up everyday with a buzz knowing that I’m going to work and that my hard graft of the past 6 years is now coming to fruition.” (Jordan Statham)


Jordan Statham only graduated this year in Music Promotion BA Hons but is already making his way up the ladder in the music Industry. Jordan has already been busy in the music industry before and at university, putting on events that have been very successful, like the A.O.A Music Festival which aimed to help and promote musicians with Autism have a voice in the music industry and raising money for Autism charities.


He is now working at Featured Artists Coalition (FAC) as an Assistant Manager, FAC is an organisation that supports and protects featured artists. The FAC’s mission statement is: “The FAC brings together the featured artist community to help artists connect and enable one another through peer to peer development. The FAC also provides a collective voice for the artist community within the music industry and to government, while providing thought leadership on emerging technologies and opportunities.”


Featured Artists Coalition – Website


“My role at the FAC is Assistant Manager – Which means my duties vary on a day to day basis. Essentially the core duties I’m involved in are Managing Socials , Looking after the membership , Attending events on behalf of the FAC , Arranging speakers to come and speak to our members, Organising workshops and masterclasses such as Spotify for artists workshops etc. We also co host with the MMF The Artist & Manager awards so that’s something I’m involved with in regards to planning and production” (Jordan Statham)


Artist & Manager Awards


Hard work does payoff and Jordan is the prime example of this idea, already in the industry Jordan is going to make a real name for himself.