Yogocop Records – New Album Drop

Yogocop Records is run by a team of Brighton boys and one of our alumni Brad Bushby; who also ran Hinoki Collective. Yogocop Records is an independent label promoting positive underground music. The label was founded by just four artists: Benaddict, M.KOZI, Concept Of Thought & Cloud 9. Since then Yogocop has expanded and is currently working with acts such as NuphZed, Hank Hiller, Wun Drop, Mr Slipz, Bo Bribery, Vitamin G, Harvs & KLB, Kemastry Terry Tonks & Tom Yum.

The boys are getting ready for the next big release under the Yogocop name! With new music coming from illterate.

This is the brand new video lifted off illiterate.‘s forthcoming release ‘whatifthenwhat’ dropping 28/10/2017.

Available on digital, CD, limited cassette as well Spotify and other streaming platforms.

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