Music Management Using Radio Sonar

” Radio remains an important media for music”

Radio Sonar is a Radio Station based in the Student Union building and broadcasts over the Internet. It runs for 7 days of the week and allows the students of Southampton Solent University to produce and present their own shows. As the students of the university vary, so do the show types with the best of an eclectic range of music along with various talk shows.

As a completely student run organization, Radio Sonar has consistently been one of the most popular societies at the University and with the new organization under way, it should move on to bigger and better things.

With radio being one of the most powerful tools in the world of music to get your new projects out their and with over 38 million people listening to the radio weekly in the UK, it shows the vast power it has over your popular culture.

Current Music Management students Steve McCormick & Connor Lebas are running a show on Radio Sonar with all their studies. Steve spoke about why he decided to do a radio show:

“We decided to do show to gain experience and understanding of how the radio industry works… the enjoyment is the hope of introducing listeners to songs that we love, and playing songs from local artists. The aim later in the year is to get local bands in for live sessions.” (Steve McCormick)

“Well we both just decided to give it a try and really enjoyed learning how to use the equipment, also getting to play people the songs we like and think are worth hearing is a good laugh.” (Connor Lebas)

With a very important form of media on the university campus, email Radio Sonar if you are interested in a show or any other radio based question.

The boy’s radio show is every Tuesday from 12pm-2pm, follow the link to give Radio Sonar a listen: Radio Sonar