Digital Music students from Subtle FM DJ at Junk

Hannah Carroll and Lee Hammick, also known as Subtle FM, are two Digital Music students who will take the stage this Friday (7/10) for an Ohm DNB night at Junk. On the same line-up we find Ulterior Motive & Uprise Audio, Visionobi and many more.

Find the Facebook event here.

Hannah and Lee are constantly on the lookout for DJs to join them at Subtle FM and people to work with on their new project White Label Magazine, so keep reading.


Subtle FM has quite the following online. Can you tell us more about it?

Subtle FM is an online radio station specialising in the underground bass music. We mainly focus around the deeper and darker sides of Dubstep and Drum and Bass. It was created by myself (Hannah) and Lee both digital music students. Our aim was to bring more music from these genres to our local area in Southampton.

Sounds brilliant. You’re both DJ’ing at the Ohm DNB club night at Junk tomorrow, what music can we expect?

You can expect to see what is usually played on the station. Our style is focused around Dubstep and Grime with influences of garage. Our DJ sets feature both, original material or ourselves and our DJ’s who play on the station. If anyone is interested in becoming a DJ on Subtle FM they can email a set over to


How did you land the DJ slot? It’s a big deal to share the stage with some very well-known acts like Ulterior Motive.

We got the slot as we are mutual friends with Joe Raygun, who is Uprise Audio’s MC. Uprise Audio are hosting the Dubstep night in the basement at Junk. He contacted us as he saw that we were pushing the underground scene through our radio station.

We run a magazine as well. He wanted to get us involved as not only could we use the night to promote Subtle FM we can now get more local underground DJs involved in both the night and station. Joe Raygun has organised a lot of underground music nights and is a great local promoter.


That’s great. What’s the magazine about?

The magazine we run is called White Label Magazine and it specialises in pushing all sound system culture news. Whether this is new releases, events, tech reviews or interviews. You can check out the magazine at . It is a new project for us and we are always looking for people to get involved.



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